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You're in control

As an author and writer, your main focus is to actually do the writing, not learn how to format it so it can be self-published.


By the same token, the whole reason you decided to self-publish was because you wanted to have more control over your book.


Let me help you with the formatting. I'll work closely with you to get your book exactly how you want it.

Time is money

I also provide quick turn around times from when we get the initial copy until you get the first proof.


Especially in the world of self publishing, every minute your book isn't available for purchase is a minute where you're possibly losing money.


The sooner your book gets to market, the sooner it can start working for you.

Services I offer

  • Formatting for: Kindle, CreateSpace, and Ingram Spark starting at $100
  • Keyword Research to find the best keywords to promote your books, creating more sales.
  • I can also help you create the perfect title, subtitle, and book description.
  • Non-Fiction book cover creation for  Kindle starting at $25 and CreateSpace/IngramSpark starting at $50.

So what are you waiting for?
Contact me today!

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