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Price List

Book layout and formatting

Graphic design

  • Book layout for print or digital, basic (No images or advanced layout. Just straight text)

Starting at $100

  • Book layout for print, custom. (Can include graphics, pictures, multiple bullet-points and tables)

Starting at $150 for up to 10 graphics

  • Book layout for digital, custom

Contact for quote

  • Package deal for print + digital editions

25% discount off the digital  format price

  • Cover for non-fiction book, digital

Starting at $50

  • Cover for non-fiction book, print (includes front, spine if applicable, and back cover

Starting at $75

  • Package deal, covers for both digital and print (basically just $25 more than print alone. Save 50% off stand alone digital cover price)

Starting at $100

  • Image touch up


  • Author Website

Starting at $200


  • Book description for back cover of printed book


  • Book description for Amazon Kindle

Starting at $50





Other Services

  • Phone consultation - On retainer
  • Phone consultation - Per appointment
  • "Over your shoulder" consultation - Phone consultation with screen-sharing* -
    On Retainer
  • "Over your shoulder" consultation - Phone consultation with screen-sharing* -
    Per appointment


  • Determining SEO keywords for your book

Starting at $25

* The virtual, "Over your Shoulder," service makes use of current technology to allow us to virtually be in the room with you.


In other words, instead of wasting time trying to describe what you have on your screen, like trying to upload your work to your Kindle or CreateSpace account, we can offer you the option to share your computer screen with us.


Within minutes of your scheduled appointment, you'll be able to use your mouse pointer to show us what you're having problems with.


We can also temporarily take over your screen (you'll always have full control and can stop us at any time) and show you exactly what to do, click by click.

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